BIOTECH-GO Project Impact

How do we assist the VET professionals to BIOTECH-GO?

  • We offer the VET professionals a blended module-based learning program.
  • We work to bring them the knowledge they need in their native language or in a language they understand (Bulgarian, English, Greek and Turkish).

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BIOTECH-GO Guidance Materials for Project Management and Coordination

Content: A set of written instructions delivered by applicant coordinator to the BIOTECH-GO partners in order to effectively perform project tasks development, planning, monitoring and assessment of advancement with respect to human, logistic and financial resources.

Target users: the BIOTECH-GO partners

Language: English

Medium: Text

BIOTECH-GO Sharing Events for Testing and Evaluation

In brief: These trainings events are planned for piloting and exploitation of project results and products accompanied by a set of evaluation documents. Thus, testing the training modes of education in the context of specific VET competencies at all partner countries will be organized in a blended learning manner. The training events will be organized on voluntary principle and the process of training will be evaluated by self/assessment using the programme evaluation tools. Offline tuition will be also implemented as a feedback for optimization of programme content and applicability.

In: Bulgarian, English, Greek, Turkish

Available: in partners’ countries, at works place, as oral presentations

Methodology: face-to face tutorials, on / offline testing

BIOTECH-GO Workshops

In brief: The multiplier events envisaged to diffuse developed project intellectual outputs to target audience and interested stakeholders through organization and performance of dedicated workshops. The events are planned as follows: 4 Workshops, 1 Professional Forum and 2 presentations of the BIOTECH-GO project at relevant National/International events.

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BIOTECH-GO Project Intellectual Outputs

The project elaborates innovative results focused on the improvement of the VET opportunities of the participation institutions as well as the users. They are directed to the target VET providers (VET teachers, trainers and tutors), biotech SMEs personnel, employers, self-employed persons and first job seekers. The BIOTECH-GO deliverables (project Intellectual Outputs, Multiplier Events, as well as all other supporting results) will be displayed on the Internet for free access. Their availability will be ensured through: user friendly organized BIOTECH-GO - b-learning platform, project Facebook page, other e-media channels: YouTube; e-books; CD/DVDs.

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BIOTECH-GO Report of Testing & Evaluation

In brief: BIOTECH-GO project evaluation strategy involves internal and external monitoring and evaluation. Internal monitoring covers activities of partner organizations, internal evaluation of interim/final results by experts, and application of quality indicators. External monitoring applies external evaluation criteria organized by academic national and international structures.

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BIOTECH-GO Report on Dissemination and Use

In brief: This output is focused on the dissemination objectives and measures achieving throughout the course of the project. It defines and prioritizes the key objectives of the project’s dissemination; identifies main stakeholder types / categories and why to reach them; elaborates means for reaching out to stakeholders, defines time-lines for the planned dissemination activities and stakeholder contact and, finally, identifies and prioritizes dissemination tools.

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