BIOTECH-GO Workshops

In brief: The multiplier events envisaged to diffuse developed project intellectual outputs to target audience and interested stakeholders through organization and performance of dedicated workshops. The events are planned as follows: 4 Workshops, 1 Professional Forum and 2 presentations of the BIOTECH-GO project at relevant National/International events.

Depending on the country and institution specific features the envisaged dissemination workshops will be focused as follows:

  • The Universities will operate on academic level and will target as well national authorities engaged with VET;
  • The R & D centres will give emphasis on participants from research centres and scientific institutes;
  • The SMEs will invite participants from the business, managerial staff as well as job-seekers.

Presenting the BIOTECH-GO project at these events and disseminating its outcomes will significantly help for:

  • Introducing the BIOTECH-GO initiatives in development of bioinformatics training program for VET professionals.
  • Broad spreading the training possibilities provided by the BIOTECH-GO project: its innovative approach and its role in development of Biotech industry;
  • Performance of pilot testing of project results and gathering feedback results for its acceptance and impact;
  • Better recognition of BIOTECH-GO outcomes from the project direct targets – VET Teachers/Trainers and other learning facilitators;
  • Establishment and maintenance of contacts with national and international experts with similar or complementary research interests.

In: Bulgarian, English, Greek, Turkish

Available: in partners’ countries

Methodology: launching of announcement campaign, gathering of data by pre-structured inquiery.



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