BIOTECH-GO Report of Testing & Evaluation

In brief: BIOTECH-GO project evaluation strategy involves internal and external monitoring and evaluation. Internal monitoring covers activities of partner organizations, internal evaluation of interim/final results by experts, and application of quality indicators. External monitoring applies external evaluation criteria organized by academic national and international structures.

The final evaluation of project results/outcomes is conducted through testing/evaluation and tuning process. As a result an evaluation report is delivered, which comprises:

  • A set of documents regarding the evaluation/certification procedure;
  • Information for the format and specific content for each event and summary for the type and specificity of target groups and stakeholders involved;
  • Collected feedback information for project products applicability and relevance;
  • Measures implemented for the final tuning of the planned outcomes.

In the evaluation report the relevant conclusions for the possibility for approbation of the system for qualifications' description – mobility procedure for cross-organizational / multinational cooperation is also made.

In: English

Available: on the web

Methodology: Evaluation methodology involves application of self-assessment strategies through questionnaires, tests and evaluation forms; creation and use of an algorithm for the training process, gathering of data by structured testing tools, and analysis of feedback information.



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