BIOTECH-GO Project Intellectual Outputs

The project elaborates innovative results focused on the improvement of the VET opportunities of the participation institutions as well as the users. They are directed to the target VET providers (VET teachers, trainers and tutors), biotech SMEs personnel, employers, self-employed persons and first job seekers. The BIOTECH-GO deliverables (project Intellectual Outputs, Multiplier Events, as well as all other supporting results) will be displayed on the Internet for free access. Their availability will be ensured through: user friendly organized BIOTECH-GO - b-learning platform, project Facebook page, other e-media channels: YouTube; e-books; CD/DVDs.

IO1. Review and Mapping of National/EU Bioinformatics Challenges to Boost Biotechnology & Biotech SMEs: a Case Study

Description: BIOTECH-GO National Case Studies reviewing the status of current practices and national peculiarities in Bioinformatics training in project partners’ countries. The studies will include information concerning the existing education courses, curricula in bioinformatics, the presence and exploitation of different learning modes (distance, part-time, modular learning), existing competence assessment schemes and evaluation. It will also study the structures involved in the training, existing National/European legislative framework and policy, assessment of the educational needs / gaps in the project subject area. The alignment with National / EU VET priorities (implementation of EQF/NQF and ECVET) and presentation of a common frame with reference to the existing needs for development of suitable e-training program was pointed out. Also the opportunity for exploitation of different learning modes (distance, part-time, modular learning) as part of VET system will be used.

IO2. Training Design & Delivery Framework

Description: A specially designed interactive e-portal which enables access to knowledge data base in the field of bioinformatics. It also operates as a dissemination and use tool for transferring project deliverables to end-users and target groups and permits exchange of information and training experience and ideas within and outside the project consortium. It is designed as follows:

  • General information about the project describing BIOTECH-GO aims, deliverables and impacts;
  • BIOTECH-GO multimedia training platform - providing a frame for establishment of an algorithm for competence development in BIOTECH-GO
  • BIOTECH-GO e-database - delivering information to end-users with knowledge on useful links, legislation documents, VET studies and reports of European and national-level practices, etc.; EU and national state-of-art related to the project sectors.
  • Dissemination and use part

IO3. BIOTECH-GO Joint Study Education Program (JSTP)

Description: A project blended training platform for qualification update in the field of bioinformatics. It is grounded on the recent EU tools for EQF/NQF and ECVET implementation in VET process. The platform promotes competence-based training approaches through development of BIOTECH-GO VET e-learning content and LO training scheme for acquisition of set of knowledge, skills and wider competence by the project target groups and end-users.

IO4. Improvement the learning accessibility: Biotech-GO training modes

Description: The provision of improved accessibility to the training process in bioinformatics is achieved through establishment and functioning of 3 modes of multimedia based learning - distance, part-time, modular learning. The three modes are structured with the key elements: VET-Learning pathways corresponding to particular EQF level.

IO5. Tutorials for Trainees and Training Providers

Description: A comprehensive overview containing detailed description of the multimedia learning model will be designed for tutors and training providers to facilitate the blended learning model use. It will be issued in two parts:

  • Tutorial for trainees - this part will be developed for trainees and it will include description of BIOTECH-GO multimedia modes application and operating for gaining competence through a defined Training Path
  • Tutorial for training providers – this part will be elaborated to equip trainers with the critical training skills and to introduce the full potential of the BIOTECH-GO modes operating for performance of individual training process on demand.



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