BIOTECH-GO Project Impact

How do we assist the VET professionals to BIOTECH-GO?

  • We offer the VET professionals a blended module-based learning program.
  • We work to bring them the knowledge they need in their native language or in a language they understand (Bulgarian, English, Greek and Turkish).
  • We focus on upgrading their qualification through the BIOTECH-GO learner-centered approach.
  • We design a transparent structure of VET qualifications defining units, size, combination, assessment and validation processes to evaluate the BIOTECH-GO outcomes.
  • We perform testing and acquiring feedback of the BIOTECH-GO structural model within the targets.
  • How will the VET professionals use BIOTECH-GO?

    • They benefit from the combination of learning methods, specific content and mode of training.
    • They get competences that are compliant with the EQF and ECVET principles.
    • They have access to a multilanguage e-platform for VET trainers providing content and training relevant for the European job market.
    • Their new skills meet the constraints and requirements of the new modes of training.
    • They get the BIOTECH-GO training opportunities for competitive statute at the labour market, enterprises, and decision makers and institutions.
    • They get recognised the excellence of their new qualifications.
    • They are offered appropriate recruitment

    The BIOTECH-GO introduces innovative education in bioinformatics built by the project partnership which provide a basis for performance of different structural modes of b-learning pathways and innovative qualifications design using ECVET and EQF/NQFs. It assures opportunity to make education more relevant to the needs of the labor market.

    At local/regional level

    The local/regional impact of BIOTECH-GO could influence actively this level through policy and plans introduction for efficient VET training in order to joint European and national systems. The project will offer an interactive training platform and its way of operation through linking education and career development of at these levels. It will improve also the structure of work-related training opportunities based on Learning Outcomes and their integration in the local/regional VET provisions. In this way the project BIOTECH-GO will offer different ways for the use of new training modes of the study program and will fulfill the demands for new professional knowledge, skills and competence.

    At National /European level impact

    The National and European impact of the BIOTECH-GO project will strength relationship between national VET organizations and application of national/EU standards for design of transferable and transparent professional career development. The quality of that education is of special importance for the partner countries and coincides with European policy as outlined in European Agenda. The successful implementation of BIOTECH-GO will promote the update of the national VET systems and qualification’s continuous upgrade and certification. The impact at European level is focused on the project main achievements for improvement the recognition of VET professionals’ qualifications regarding EQF/NQF. At the same time the BIOTECH-GO will impact the specific EU measures and will contribute to the realization of the immediate EU objectives: to create a “learning community” where all members can benefit from one another, which add value to the community "network externalities” effect. The project will contribute for the development and quality improvement of VET opportunities and transfer of experience and expertise from different EU partner countries. BIOTECH-GO will also foster the bridge building between VET settings for formal, non-formal and informal education through new modes of training and promote the building up of European knowledge-based society.

    At International level impact

    BIOTECH-GO project aims to help the on-going process across Europe regarding smooth transition from education to work and/or progression to further education through offering high quality VET pathways based on on/off line approach. It unifies the experience, knowledge and innovative practices, acknowledged by EU VET policy, and apply them in a smart way introducing bioinformatics training applicable for SMEs in different sectors. Thus, the prospects for professional carrier and professional competence development are increasing. All these measures and activities will contribute also to widespread VET EU education policy initiatives and procedures in non-EU countries.



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