For realization of Dissemination and Use (D&U) activities, the project consortium offers both professional and personal experience for realization of efficient organization of dissemination process. All partners have been important players in their area of activity acquiring significant number of contacts, network access and influence. Each of them will use the existing networks and also form new ones for the needs of the project.

The following Dissemination and use activities are covered:

  • Elaboration of BIOTECH-GO dissemination and use plan - aims to promote efficiently project objectives, developments and results and make available the project innovative outcomes to the right target groups - stakeholders and the wider audience.
  • Dissemination checklists. Foreseen to facilitate the specification of each partner’s obligation regarding project dissemination activities, planned dissemination materials, channels and events. Elaborated by DUB in EN, distributed at kick-off TNM and after discussion - bound to the corresponding dissemination agreement.
  • Dissemination materials: printed and e-version of multilingual brochures, leaflets, flyers, placards, newsletters, reply cards elaborated along the project and foreseen for advertisement and popularization; Electronic multilingual material such as e-presentations about project progress, elaborated and upgraded twice a year to follow project advancement; Brief signal announcements (distributed by e-mail and through project web-site) in EN to notify about important project events.

The dissemination and use plan includes:

  • Creating an internal/ external working group for project dissemination and use within the DUB
  • Choosing convenient information channels for the successful dissemination of the project
  • Awaking awareness on BIOTECH-GO values of different target groups
  • Linking and informing relevant stakeholders and wider public on EQF/NQF principles and their added value for VET system
  • Introducing a targeted information to all stakeholders and wider public of BIOTECH-GO Learning Outcomes, project activities, products and outcomes
  • Joining all target groups and beneficiaries in the project activities
  • Enhancing the impact of the project results and outcomes
  • Ensuring sustainability of the project results and outcomes also after project end

The BIOTECH-GO project aims to establish a depot of study that contains a collection of bioinformatics materials, data base, building components and tools for the protection of these assets. Information on bioinformatics wind of techniques will be collected during the two years project lifetime. To give the project outcomes a sustainable use, a network of target users experienced in this field and traditional building techniques will be used as a basis for transfer knowledge to other interested people.

Dissemination channels: face-to-face data presentation, e-mail / phone consultations, publishing documents on EQF/NQF prepared at European and national level; electronic tools/discussion forums; dissemination of advertising and information materials: leaflets, posters, participation in various events, networking, spreading of targeted information.

Use of the BIOTECH-GO results: feedback results for project applicability and acceptance gathering and analysis; Data review and implementation of relevant improvements in BIOTECH-GO project development.



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