How does the European economy strive to BIOTECH-GO?

  • By exploring new opportunities for development of sustainable knowledge based economy.
  • By supporting the industry and business to accommodate the structural changes in European and global economy.
  • By supporting initiatives to adapt the educational programmes and methodologies to improve the qualification of the workforce in the field of biotechnology and related sectors.

How does the European job market drive to BIOTECH-GO?

  • By matching people's skills and competences to smart jobs offered by the business and industry.
  • By promoting innovative bioinformatics knowledge as a core component in qualification of trainers and other VET facilitators.
  • By BIOTECH-GO training programmes to promote sustainability in business and labour applications.
  • By improving transparency and recognition of qualifications to support the BIOTECH-GO initiative for knowledge based economy.

In order to BIOTECH-GO:

  • European economy and job market need tools for improving the qualification of the job applicants.
  • European companies and employers need bioinformatics-oriented strategies to introduce innovations into their business.
  • European citizens and job seekers need knowledge and skills to be more smart technology oriented and proactive in their life and work and to match the job requirements of the employers.

The tools BIOTECH-GO employs to improve the skills of workforce are:

  • Transfer of innovative content and methodology related to the education and training of VET professionals in respect of the Europe 2020 objectives.
  • Providing the target users with knowledge, skills and competences that match the needs of the European economy to retain competitiveness and innovativeness.
  • Relevant for the European labour market that encourages applications by professionals with skills and competences closely related to the jobs.



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