BIOTECH-GO and VET descriptors

The BIOTECH-GO project philosophy is in compliance with the European policies for investment in education and innovation management for successful transition to knowledge-based economy and society.

The investment in education is a national priority for all European governments that commit to ensure conditions for VET system operation where the European reference levels and quality practices in training have priority.

European and National Qualifications Frameworks

European Qualifications Framework (EQF) provides a reference framework, which assists in comparison between national qualifications systems, frameworks and their levels.

The EQF framework translates qualifications by making them more understandable across different countries and systems in Europe. EQF promotes lifelong and life-wide learning and the mobility of European citizens whether for studying or working abroad.

The EQF encourages countries to relate their national qualifications systems to the EQF so that all new qualifications issued from 2012 on carry a reference to an appropriate EQF level.

European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET)

The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) aims to give people control over their individual learning experience and makes it more attractive to move between different countries and jobs. It facilitates the validation, recognition and accumulation of work-related skills and knowledge acquired during a stay in another country and experience in different situations. ECVET works for better compatibility between different VET systems across Europe and the qualifications they offer.

ECVET creates a technical framework to describe qualifications in terms of units of learning outcomes that are subjected to assessment, transfer, accumulation and recognition procedures. Each unit is associated with a certain number of ECVET points developed on common standards: 60 ECVET points are allocated to the learning outcomes for a year of full-time VET.

Individual’s learning outcomes are assessed and validated in order to transfer credits from one qualifications system to another. The system allows development of common references for VET qualifications and is fully compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

BIOTECH-GO integrates these issues through:

  1. A broad multilingual b-learning portal that hosts the BIOTECH-GO competencies e-scheme (distance, part-time, modular learning), plus guidance, evaluation and dissemination materials.
  2. Partnership with sectoral organizations established for integration of the ECVET system at national and European level.
  3. BIOTECH-GO outcomes dissemination & use through open information and supporting resources.
  4. Measures for post-project exploitation of the BIOTECH-GO e-scheme for competencies description based on Learning Outcomes.
  5. Links between the intended competencies and qualifications required by the national training programmes using ECVET.



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