GST Corporation Ltd is a SMEs which activity is focused on provision of engineering and consulting expertise in design and management of different national and EU initiatives. The company`s mission is dedicated on supporting the life science knowledge management competence.

GST Corporation Ltd provides to its clients high-quality services in data retrieval, algorithm analysis, and knowledge generation based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Thus, they enable life-science companies to enhance their productivity and to create innovative high performance products.

As an applicant coordinator “GST Corporation” Ltd is responsible for organization and management of all financial matters of the project and organization and participation in project coordination meetings. It takes part in project specific actions such as development and implementation of BIOTECH-GO training program, elaboration of BIOTECH-GO training content and Tutorials for trainees and training providers. It contribute to the dissemination and use activities of the project, popularizing project objective and goals, results and products; networking; organizing and participating in project approbation activities, as in ensuring post-project life. (web-site)



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