Biognosis is a non-profit organization which main task is to contribute to the protection of public health, natural resources and environment.

The organization provides consultancy and project design services as well as conducts research in that fields, develop new expertise in the design and synthesis of new compounds with applications in health, and environment. Biognosis offers its professional competencies in various public research and technology centers, academic institutions and industries in Greece and abroad. It collaborates with national and international partners as provider of innovative solutions in both small and large scale projects.

Biognosis can offer to the project partnership its professional expertise in promotion of public health, natural resources and environment protection. The broad contacts of the company in environmental and biotech sector contribute to the specific activities of the project and ensure the realization of its effective dissemination and use measures at regional/national/international level. Biognosis participates in the arrangement of system for competence profile generation, elaboration of BIOTECH-GO learning materials with innovative course subject and its translation to GR. The organization is responsible for the development of BIOTECH –GO Tutorials for trainees and training providers as well as for organizations and performance of testing sessions, workshops and seminars with project target groups. Biognosis also contributes to the pilot phase by introducing the project results to Greek SME in the biotechnology sector (web-site, web-site).



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